Do you use video on your website?

How would you be your own movie star? Ok, that may not be a good idea for the camera shy. However, it has been proven that websites attract more viewers and longer “on screen” time with the addition of videos. These videos don’t need to be elaborate and you certainly don’t need to hire someone to do it. In fact, a simple camera phone will work fine. Many people have questions about various parts of the funeral process. You have to answer them in person when they come in for service. How about if you were able to educate them BEFORE they needed to see you or your staff? Not only┬ádo you become the “expert,” but people already have a feeling or emotion about you. Emotional connections will result in increased conversions and sales. You also become an expert in the your area because people rely on you for pertinent information. Video is an excellent tool to generate pre-need customers! You educate them about why they need it and the phone will ring. Videos only need to be 5 minutes in length and you can shoot and upload within minutes. Give it a try and see how it works! Check out this video about cremation services.

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