Marketing to non-native English Speakers

Some progressive funeral directors have embraced the idea of marketing to non-native English speakers. Many of these groups haven’t been given priority in the past, but the funeral directors that have gone this route have done well.

How do you reach this potential market? First, you need to study the population trends in your area. What is your most populated ethnicity? What is the second most populated ethnicity?
As you begin to realize, you may have an entirely overlooked market segment! What’s the best way to reach this market? You can try several methods including speaking to local groups, sponsoring at local events and letting them know that they are welcome at your business. Lastly, you will want to add a page or two to your website┬áin the language of the ethnic group that you want to market. For example, you could have a page in Spanish with information about your services and any special accomodations. Keep in mind that many ethnic groups are very loyal. This means that once you provide an outstanding service to one member, you have the remaining members knocking down your door!
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