Funeral Directors vs. Grievers: How each views the world

Older couple with laptopAfter speaking to hundreds of funeral directors in 2011, our Founder/CEO Kelly Baltzell, MA pinpointed several differences between funeral professionals and members of grieving families.

Funeral directors tend to be check-the-box, face-to-face people. They like to cross out items on checklists and be “done.” Even though they may have a website, they don’t take it one step deeper to see who’s visiting it or what kind of results they’re getting. Many funeral home owners also still advertise in the Yellow Pages, even though only 5-10% of them actually use the Yellow Pages to find information.

Grieving individuals, on the other hand, seek online obituaries/memorials, grief support information, and message boards. They have smart phones, make constant online searches, and use social media. Sites like our very own and bring them a significant amount of comfort and healing.

Many funeral professionals think that their clients aren’t online and that people over the age of 40 don’t use the Internet. They also use social media sparingly and haven’t warmed up to the concept of Facebook. This data sheet from the Pew Research Center shows for certain that people of all ages use the Internet.

Families and grieving individuals love Facebook because they find great healing from connecting with family members, friends, coworkers, and businesses.

Funeral professionals must make the most of their online presences if they want to form meaningful connections with families. What does your Internet presence say about your business? Time to find out and take action in 2012. Contact Kelly at 877-244-9322, ext. 1 or for a free consultation.

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