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It’s All About Content

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

ContentContent is an such important word. It refers to the star player in all online marketing programs, and the success of your brand relies on it. Here’s a breakdown of why it’s important.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):Content dictates how and where your website is ranked on Google. Fresh, original content helps you rank higher.
  2. Education: Content educates people about funeral homes and funeral services. It teaches people about your offerings and explains why they should pay for your assistance.
  3. Engagement: Content needs to be compelling and interactive. It should foster dialogue, so you can have meaningful experiences with your current and potential clients.

Different Platforms, Different Content

Resist the urge to cut and paste the same content across all of your marketing outlets. Each platform, from websites and blogs to social media and eNewsletters, has its own guidelines. Your message can always be the same, but shape your content to fit its intended channel.

Online Reviews: Content must be accurate, timely, and courteous. We recommend responding to positive reviews with prompt thank-you messages and to negative reviews with action-oriented, heartfelt messages.

Websites: Content should consist of 400-500 words per page, be highly informative, detail services rendered, and be optimized for funeral and local keywords.

Blogs: Content should take the shape of short paragraphs, bullet points, and easy-to-understand funeral and grieving topics.

Social Media: Content should mirror the style of a relaxed coffee shop conversation. Mix funeral and grieving topics with community events and other general interest items.

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