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How Would You Rate Your Funeral Home?

Friday, January 11th, 2013

When Renee lost her little girl, the funeral director she chose for the service brought her books about loss that he selected specifically for Renee and her children. This kind, caring man proceeded to tell Renee that the outpouring of support from her church and community was so immense that everything would be taken care of. In the months that followed her tragedy, he called to check in on Renee and her family. When she ran into him a year later at a school sporting event, he threw his arms around her and asked how she and each of her other children (whom he called by name) were doing.

Renee’s experience was exemplary, but not everyone has the same kind of compassionate care. We recently asked on our Facebook page at “How was your grieving experience affected by the care you received at your funeral home?” Here were some of the responses.

When Therese’s son died, she was met at the door by an efficient but cold man, whose first words to her were, “And what was your son’s name?” After she managed to choke out her response, she was led directly to the caskets in the back of the funeral home where she was instructed to pick one out. (more…)

The Simplicity of Blessings

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Question: The winter months can be so dreary, especially in the states that have snow. Even the thought of death can be depressing, especially in combination with the winter months, and it all seems almost too much at times. Is there something I can focus on that will help me see the blessings of life and not the tragedies that fill my funeral home?

Answer:  Death can make us aware of the importance of life. When a person is a funeral director, he or she is surrounded by death. Many blessings can arise out of grief. As a society, we most often focus on the negative aspects of death. At Beyond Indigo ( we choose to focus on the positive aspects of death. Here are some things I have learned that might help you and your families:

Everyday Life: Grief often brings into focus our daily life that we assume will “always” be the same. What we might take for granted now can come into full bloom when contrasted with death. Our families, our loved ones and our health start taking on far more importance and they are treasured far more. Material concerns have a chance during a loss to take a second seat. We get back to basics and realize what we have is good. What a blessing.

Hidden Angels: People can be a blessing. As we walk through our grief journey people come into our lives to help ease our pain. A member of Beyond Indigo wrote: (more…)

Grief Support Makes a Difference

Friday, December 21st, 2012

Question: Does grief support really make a difference? Our funeral home is trying to decide how we can help. However, we are not grief therapists. Is it our place to help people grieve after the loss of a loved one?

Answer:  People on Beyond Indigo tend to be vocal about grief support and their needs. One was brought to our attention years ago when someone told us, “Where were you eight months ago when mom died? Why weren’t your services offered at our funeral home?”  Thus we suggested to funeral home owners that offering grief support at the time of need was a great idea — especially when our members were telling us this is what they wanted!

Grief support is necessary and it does make a difference. We had a member write in:

“I believe this site saved my marriage, quite possibly even my life, but most definitely my sanity. Lasting friendships have been made and I have learned so much about people. Sooner or later everyone will be touched by death, having a website like this where you can direct someone is just a God-send. Kelly, thank you ever so much.”

What worked for her? We have found that people need a place to find out that they are: (more…)

It’s All About Content

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

ContentContent is an such important word. It refers to the star player in all online marketing programs, and the success of your brand relies on it. Here’s a breakdown of why it’s important.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):Content dictates how and where your website is ranked on Google. Fresh, original content helps you rank higher.
  2. Education: Content educates people about funeral homes and funeral services. It teaches people about your offerings and explains why they should pay for your assistance.
  3. Engagement: Content needs to be compelling and interactive. It should foster dialogue, so you can have meaningful experiences with your current and potential clients.

Different Platforms, Different Content

Resist the urge to cut and paste the same content across all of your marketing outlets. Each platform, from websites and blogs to social media and eNewsletters, has its own guidelines. Your message can always be the same, but shape your content to fit its intended channel.

Online Reviews: Content must be accurate, timely, and courteous. We recommend responding to positive reviews with prompt thank-you messages and to negative reviews with action-oriented, heartfelt messages.

Websites: Content should consist of 400-500 words per page, be highly informative, detail services rendered, and be optimized for funeral and local keywords.

Blogs: Content should take the shape of short paragraphs, bullet points, and easy-to-understand funeral and grieving topics.

Social Media: Content should mirror the style of a relaxed coffee shop conversation. Mix funeral and grieving topics with community events and other general interest items.

Curious about how well your content represents your business? Contact Melissa Neff for a free content consultation at 877-244-9322, ext. 100 or email

Five ways to engage your clients through Social Media

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

If you’re thinking about using social media networks like Facebook or Twitter to reach our to your clients, but haven’t known where to start, here are 5 easy ways to start building your presence:

  1. Decide to start

    For your social media efforts to have a real impact on your business, you need to be committed to them. Simply setting up a Facebook page and then forgetting about it will not help you to develop a better relationship with your clients. You need to commit to being present and engaging with your followers. This is what will keep them coming back, and telling their friends.

  2. Build your network with people you already know first

    It can be daunting to think about how to gain new “likes” on a page that currently doesn’t have any. The best way to start is by reaching out to people you already know. If you have past clients or colleagues who you know are on Facebook, send them an invitation to like your page.If you can’t find anyone online, ask them in person. Marketing your Facebook page outside of Facebook is a great way to get people interested. It’s okay to promote yourself!

  3. Be real

    Don’t be afraid to let your Facebook page have a personality. Talk to your followers the way you would talk to your friends (while still keeping it professional, obviously).  People follow brands on Facebook because they want to interact with the people behind the brand. They want to make a connection with you. If you make your page too sterile, they’ll stop coming back. Answer client questions, share pictures and videos, give advice, inform clients of local events. But most important, don’t be afraid to be yourself!

  4. Recognize and reward

    People love recognition. When your followers start participating on your wall, be sure to reward them for their activity. It can be as simple as replying to a post, or you can take it as far as offering them a gift certificate to a local business to thank them for their activity, depending on the level of participation involved.

  5. Monitor

    Facebook offers “Insights” to help you keep an eye on how your page is growing. You should be monitoring this once a week or so to get information such as the average age of your followers, the ratio of men to woman, and, most importantly, the reach and virality of your page posts. This metric will help you understand which of your posts are the most popular with your followers, so you can adjust future posting habits to include more of that post type.

These are the basics for building a solid social media foundation on Facebook. Keep in mind, there are other social media channels to explore, such as YouTube, Twitter, and Google+. While you don’t need to be on all of these networks all the time, it’s important to know that they exist, and do provide additional opportunities for you to reach people.

If you’d like help in setting up or managing your Social Media presence, please contact Melissa Neff at 877-244-9322 ext 100 or