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What are Signs & Symptoms of Grief?

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Question:  What is the typical time frame someone exhibits signs and symptoms of grief?

Answer:  People start exhibiting signs and symptoms of grief from immediately after the death to continuing up to seven years later. However, a person may not realize they are grieving or what are the signs of grief. Many times on Beyond Indigo message boards we have members ask “I am still crying shouldn’t I be over it since the funeral was a week ago”?

Therapists, doctors and other grieving professionals have been studying grieving for years. They keep discovering new aspects to grieving because it is such an individual unique process. However there are some things that are similar for all grieving individuals.

Each person normally goes through the following four phases. These phases do not occur in any particular order but tend to happen during different stages of the grief process. (more…)