Case Study

Motorcycle Memorials

Motorcycle Memorials Facebook cover Motorcycle Memorials Facebook ad

The Challenge

Motorcycle Memorials is a small business whose owners operate the company on a part-time basis. Motorcycle tank cremation urns are a unique container for preserving a lost loved one’s memories with personalized, one-of-a-kind design.

At the beginning of August 2013, their new Facebook page had only 20 Likes. They wanted to advertise on Facebook to build their community. Their product is national and we needed to target those who would be more likely to be interested in preserving their loved one’s remains in a motorcycle tank urn. But they had a very small advertising budget.

The Solution

We decided to launch a traditional Facebook ad in early August with a budget of $200. Since the client was serving a categorically niche market, we utilized Facebook’s capability to set specific and highly-detailed demographic parameters. We identified “women bikers” as our first target market and launched an ad that would compel them to click through.

1,029 new Likes

The Result

In the first month of the ad, the page was seen by over 75,000 women bikers around the country and generated 1,029 “Likes” directly as a result of the ad. Typically, a $1 for 1 “Like” performance rate is considered a success. These results are 400% better than what is normally considered successful, thanks to a strategic focus on demographics for clients with niche-market products/services.