Reaching Out

To Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Marketing is all about push and pull. Great websites and Facebook business pages pull in the fans. Once you’ve captured those leads, it’s time to push good, meaningful content out so that you build a loyal following and strengthen your brand. Weekly blogs and monthly eNewsletters are perfect platforms for sharing information, news, and advice with current and prospective clients. Do you have a mailing list collecting dust? Do you have a static website with no fresh content to keep the search engines happy? If you answered yes to either of the above, let us help you.

4 Questions to ask About Customer Outreach

Q1. Do you capture email addresses of your current customers?

Surprisingly, many funeral homes don’t. Email addresses are invaluable for many marketing initiatives, so be sure to capture them at every opportunity.

Q2. Do you have a digital newsletter that reaches out to current and potential customers?

Marketing is all about putting your business name in front of people multiple times in multiple ways so that your name becomes familiar and is ultimately a trusted source for quality care and information. Newsletters are a great way to offer valuable information conveniently delivered to your clients’ email inbox.

Q3. Do you use a blog to educate your clients and bring them back to your site?

Blogs serve key functions in marketing your business. First, they provide an opportunity to share your knowledge and personality in long-form so that readers can gain a better understanding of who you are and why they ought to like your business. They also provide your website with critical fresh content, which helps keep your website front and center in Google search.

Q4. Do you alert your customers about community events you sponsor or support services?

Be a resource for your clients. Provide useful information and highlight your participation in the life of your community. If you are sponsoring an event or working with a local charity, let your customers know. Take advantage of every postive opportunity to put your name in front of potential customers.

How did you do?

If you answered no to these questions, you might not be doing all you can to reach out to your clients. Please contact us so we can show you how Beyond Indigo Funerals can keep you in touch with your customers.

Example of blog and newsletter signup email capture