Getting Found

Search Engines and Your Funeral Home

On October 27, 2010 Google made its biggest recent change in how search for local business is handled with the institution of Google Place Search. What is this type of search and how does your business rank? Knowing how it works can make the difference in keeping and attracting new customers.

  • Reviews are now incorporated into the search results

  • People can see the front page of your website

  • Google Places Page now functions as a mini informational website for your business.

Numerous times we at Beyond Indigo Funerals have found that some of the information listed on Google Places is inaccurate. Not only do you have to be concerned about Google, but there are numerous other review/directory sites that need to be monitored such as Yahoo, Bing, Insider Pages and Yelp. If your business has multiple locations, then each location should have their corresponding listing “verified” by the business and monitored. Your number of reviews should reflect the size of your location and your funeral home.

Overwhelmed? Need help making sure the information is correct? Give us a call today.

5 Questions to Ask About Search

Q Is your website found in the top search positions on Google, Yahoo and Bing for general terms such as funeral home, cremation, and burial service ?

Studies have shown that users focus on the top 2–3 results, and seldom make it to the second page of results.

Q Is your business found on the first page for specific service terms when searched for on Google, Yahoo and Bing?

Terms might include green funeral, cremation, etc. Each page of information on your website needs to be optimized to be found by the search engines.

At Beyond Indigo Funerals, we help our SEO clients focus on getting found for key services and locations. We’ll do a keyword analysis to find what terms users in your area search for and a competitor analysis to see how you stack up against other practices in your area.

Q Have you looked at your website statistics, Google Places statistics and Webmaster tools to see which keywords people are using to search for your business?

Are the terms you want to see there? What percentage of traffic is coming from search engines?

Q Do you know what Google Boost, the new search advertising program from Google is all about?

Google Boost can help your business stand out in local listings. Find out how we can help you use this tool

Q Do you know what the most common (highest usage) search terms are for specific services that you offer and want to be found for?

(Hint: they may not be what you think!)

How did you do?

Today it is essential for people to find your website regardless of where they are searching. Facebook and Bing now have an agreement where search results from Bing’s search engine are shown if Facebook pages matching the inquiry are not found. Up to 87% of people never see a home page but are searching by keyword and “entering” a website by a specific page. How are your services being found?

What Does Local Search Mean for You?

Test your Local Search and See

  1. Go to Google and type in the name of your city, the state and the phrase funeral home.

  2. Check to see if your company name comes up in the alphabetical listings associated with the map. If you are not listed there, you do not exist for potential customers.

  3. Do you have reviews? Are they for your business (and not erroneously listed from another, similar-sounding business)? Are they more positive then negative? You will have to click on your Google Places listing page to see all your reviews. Now imagine if you have a negative review displaying right alongside your business name in the search results. How likely is it going to be that a potential client will click on your listing for more information?

  4. Is all your listing information correct such as the map, your address and your phone number?