Funeral Homes Need Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & More

Last year it was nice to have a Facebook page. Now it has become a must. In 2010, for the first time ever, people spent more minutes on Facebook than Google. Right now, 1 in 4 searches are on Facebook.

Bing offers alternative search suggestions if it doesn’t find a Facebook page for your business — alternatives that could lead visitors to your competition.

8 Questions To Ask Yourself About Social Media

Are you missing this opportunity to find and/or keep new clients? Read these questions and see how social media makes a difference in your online marketing.

Q1. Does your business have a social media marketing strategy in place?

A good social media marketing strategy is a key element in your overall plan. It should include specific goals and should take into account the different nature of each platform — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or others

At Beyond Indigo Funerals, we look at the big picture and develop a marketing strategy that meets the goals of your business. Using platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we help spread the word and drive new clients to your door. We build content that attracts new fans and followers, and, ultimately, new families.

Q2. Do you have one person in your business with 10 to 40 hours a week to devote to your marketing on all of your Social Media platforms?

This person will be managing your marketing/message to future and current clients. Make sure it is someone who understands how to maximize these platforms to get your message to current and potential customer. This is a long-term not a short-term commitment; Social Media needs to be monitored, engaged and grown to be successful.

Our marketing professionals monitor your social platforms 24/7 to make sure the content is fresh and engaging. In addition, we watch your social statistics and track how many followers you gain, how many followers interact with your content, and how well your social presence is working.

Q3. Is your Facebook account built on a business platform and not a personal one?

If you have no idea, please call us now to assist you!

Q4. Does your logo fit on your social media pages and represent your brand well?

This is another basic that is often overlooked.

We set up your Facebook page so that your message gets across, and that means that your followers see a consistent logo when your posts appear on their walls.

Q5. Do you know how to create community and interest around your business/brand?

Once you have a Facebook page, you need a strategy behind what you say on your wall. Posts need to be interesting, informative, and interactive in order to gain the maximum benefit from the Facebook platform.

Q6. Are you working six weeks ahead to generate the content needed for your Social Media including permissions from clients, gathering pictures, stories, and videos?

Social media is not something you ought to do “on the fly.” When done well, it’s done with meticulous planning, well in advance of online engagement. Beyond Indigo Funerals creates content, including posts, tweets, pictures and videos thirty days in advance of each month so that it complies with a marketing strategy that’s been thoughtfully devised with business growth in mind.

Q7. Have you created a landing page tab on your Facebook including the graphic requesting people to Like you?

What about other specialty pages such as services? Your Facebook has now become a mini website. Does your Facebook page look like one?

Q8. Are you interacting with some aspect of your social media on a daily basis?

Social media is a habit. If you’re not in the habit of posting and tweeting, that’s okay. Beyond Indigo Funerals is happy to do so on your behalf, making you look like you’re everywhere your clients are, engaging and interacting right along with them.

How did you do?

If you answered no to even a few of these questions you need our help. Facebook and Social Media is changing almost on a daily basis, usually without much warning. Who is keeping track of your “face” on Facebook so you are gaining business and not losing it? Please call us today and to find out more about your Social Media Marketing packages.

Example of a funeral home page on Facebook Example of a funeral home page on Twitter

Click the logos above to see an example of a funeral home page on each social media platform.

Technology and Social Media Policy

Protect Your Reputation

Whether at work or at home, your employees are online and could unwittingly (or intentionally) do harm to your business’s online reputation. Don’t let this happen to you. Download this must-have Technology and Social Media Policy document and gain peace of mind that you have clearly and in writing informed your staff of all of the consequences of inappropriate use of online resources which could create negative publicity for your business and even, in some cases, expose you to legal liabilities. Your online reputation on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are too important to leave to chance.

Price: $199.00

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