Custom Designed Websites
for Funeral Homes

The Cornerstone of Your Web Presence

One of our clients told us recently about a realization he’d had. He’d spent a lot of money on the lobby of his facility in order to make sure that his customers immediately got a great impression of his business and saw how much care he put into it. “But then,” he said, “I realized that so many more people would see my website than would ever come through the front door of my building, and I knew I had to pay as much attention to that as to my physical facility.”

10 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Funeral Home Website

Is your website ready to carry the load and covert your visitors into customers? Does it represent your funeral home well? Ask yourself these questions to see if your funeral home website is up to the job.

Q 1. Does your website list your phone number?

No kidding. Most funeral home websites we see either do not list the phone number or have it buried three clicks down. For example can you find the phone number on this site easily?

Now what about this site designed by Beyond Indigo Funerals?

Sometimes simple things are overlooked. At Beyond Indigo Funerals, we build contact information into the design so that it is available on every page.

Q 2. Does your website list your services clearly?

Can visitors to your site find out what services you provide quickly and easily? Can they find your services from any page? Up to 87% of people never see your front page, making sure your services are visible from any page is vital to get your message across.

For example can you find the services tab easily on this site? No?

Now what about this Beyond Indigo Funerals site? We work with our clients to make sure their services are clearly listed on each and every website we build.

Q 3. Does your website educate your visitors about your services to show their value?

Potential clients will learn about your business from your website first — not from you, your staff, or a phone call. If you do not tell people what you do and the value behind what you do, how will they know and be willing to pay for that service?

Do your website pages just provide a list of information with a sentence or two description?

Or does it educate consumers about the major services your funeral home offers?

Websites from Beyond Indigo Funerals are designed to educate visitors and show them the value of our clients’ services.

Q 4. Is your website visually appealing?

People make a decision about a website in 1/20th of a second. With a glance, your visitors are forming impressions about your business: How professional is it? Is your facilty modern and up to date? Does it look like you provide great care? Is it a friendly and inviting environment for families?

What is your website telling people about your funeral home? Please view our before and after examples

Q 5. Does your website follow usability guidelines?

People spend a lot more time on the web in general than they do on your site, so adhering to general usability guidelines helps them find what they need quickly and easily. You have 5–7 seconds to convince your visitors that they have found what they are looking for. They won’t stick around to figure out a confusing navigation or read a wall of text.

White space, concise text, short paragraphs, and bullet points can increase comprehension by 20%. Music, intrusive flash, automatic pop-ups and other “enhancements” make your site hard to use.

At Beyond Indigo Funerals, we build usability into the DNA of all of our websites.

Q 6. Can you track your site statistics 24/7 using an engine like Google Analytics?

Without statistics there isn’t a good way to measure how well your website is performing. Your website provider should care how your site performs after launch and work with you to help you set goals and turn visitors into customers.

At Beyond Indigo Funerals, we regularly review your analytics. Your customer representative will meet with you to explain the statistics and help you set goals for your site to maximize your ROI.

Q7. Does your website produce Return On Investment (ROI)?

If so how much? At Beyond Indigo Funerals our websites return up to 30% new clients from the previous website or other marketing initiatives.

Q 8. Does your current website/marketing provider understand and have knowledge of the funeral industry?

Do they know how to help your clients know you better and learn about your services? Do they have strong relationships with other funeral companies that enhance the products they provide to you?

Beyond Indigo Funerals has been working in the funeral industry since 1998, and funeral home sites are a primary focus of our business. We work with funeral directors and related companies across the US and Canada to create sites designed specifically for the funeral home market.

Q 9. Is your website being found in local and organic searches?

Does your current provider understand and implement search engine optimization?

We do. Learn more about our SEO and Local Search services

Q 10. Is your website mobile and smart phone friendly?

Mobile web usage is quickly catching up with “fixed” Internet and may overtake it in a few years. Your website needs to be easily accessible on a wide range of mobile devices. If your website is built in flash it will not be seen on an iPad, iPhone or Google’s new search function. Your site should have a mobile version viewable on modern smart phones and tablets.

At Beyond Indigo Funerals, we optimize our websites for mobile devices and build them with cross platform compatible technology so your site looks great everywhere.

How did you do?

How did your website rate? Beyond Indigo Funerals can build you a website that produces financial results and educates your clients. Your website is now one of the two primary front doors of your business. (The other is Facebook). Let us help you make yours start working for you today.