Interview with Susie French – Funeral Director – French Funeral Home, Brazil, Indiana

French Funeral HomeOver the years as our business has grown we continue to search for avenues to connect people that are grieving the loss of a loved one. Our funeral home clients have discovered that they too want to find new ways to improve upon their services and make a difference to grieving families.

We sat down and talked with a few of our clients and here’s what they said about their Beyond Indigo experience.

On a busy morning prior to a funeral Susie French, Funeral Director of French Funeral Home, of Brazil, Indiana took a few moments to talk with us.

Q: Did you have a website prior to the one you now have that was designed by Beyond Indigo?

A: Yes, we had a basic site to start with, but we felt it was missing something; it just wasn’t really meeting the needs of our grieving families.

Q: What was the deciding factor in making the change to use Beyond Indigo?

A: We really wanted a site that would be interactive, provide our families with a way of connecting, to show people that we really care about them and the grief they are experiencing. Beyond Indigo offers that and more. For example, we have families that travel to Florida for the winter, and they wanted a way to see what was happening with folks back home. One of the tools that Beyond Indigo provides is an Obituary page that lists who in our community has passed; it explains what the circumstances were about the death, and where and when the services will be held.

Q: What other tools does Beyond Indigo provide that are significant to your grieving families?

A: Beyond Indigo Memorial’s page is a BIG help to people. It connects families and friends that may be oceans away from each other. It helps in a couple of ways. If a loved one wants a way to express their feelings for the loss of someone they have loved, they can write a note to the one they have lost. It’s a very meaningful way to express their grief. They second way that it is helpful, is to see that others are actually experiencing similar feelings to their own, and that they are not alone in the grief process, even if they are still sad six months or a year later. The third way it helps is, if a family is in Florida, and they find out that someone has died they can instantly send a message of caring to their grieving friends back home. The connection is multi-dimensional. Who would have thought that it would be technology that would help us connect to each other in a very real way?

Q: What other reasons factored into your decision making process to contract with Beyond Indigo for building your web site?

A: It wasn’t hard really, once we had a chance to talk with one another I felt that a relationship was budding. It was easy when I realized that we were on the same page. Kelly, at Beyond Indigo really cares about people, has a background in counseling and understands the grief process. She listened, really listened, and was genuinely interested in me, my family, and why I made this career choice. We related to each other and we both care about easing the pain during this very stressful time in someone’s life. The grief tools that Beyond Indigo provides gives us meaningful ways to reach out and support grieving families.

Q: What’s the best part about working with Beyond Indigo?

A: The Beyond Indigo team is there when I need them; they work collaboratively with me when I want to change something or add a new feature to our site. I have confidence in their approach, and know that I can count on them to deliver a good product that helps provide hope in a time of emotional crisis. At the end of the year when it’s time to sign up again, I don’t even question writing the check. Their service is that valuable to me.

Q: What sets your web site apart from other funeral home web sites?

A: The information that is shared on the website is so important to our families in the way that people can access information about grief; it is a portal for people to connect and network, a gathering place of sorts. The rotating stories provide comfort and relief in a time when grief can be debilitating, lonely, and often times overwhelming.

Q: What do your customers tell you about your web site?

A: I hear all the time how different our site is, how easy it is to navigate, that it is full of insightful information; it’s all so positive. It reinforces the decision I made to go ahead with the project.

Q: Would you recommend Beyond Indigo to other funeral home directors?

A: YES, absolutely, I would highly recommend them. I am very happy with the outcome. I know that I made the right decision to choose Beyond Indigo as my web site developer. We have a symbiotic relationship that just keeps growing. It’s not just another web site; it is a place where people connect, find hope and healing in a desperate time. It’s given me another opportunity to demonstrate that compassion and integrity are the cornerstones of our business.