Interview with BT Hathaway – Co-owner – Hathaway Funeral Homes, Massachusetts

Hathaway Family Funeral Homes In an interview with BT Hathaway, co-owner of ten Hathaway Funeral Homes located in Massachusetts, BT told us why a web site designed by Beyond Indigo has had a positive impact on his business and the families he serves.

Q: Did you have a web site prior to deciding upon working with Beyond Indigo?

A: Yes, we had a static site that was designed by a local web designer.

Q: How did you come to realize that you wanted to make some changes in your then current site?

A: While attending the National Funeral Directors convention I listened to a conversation that one of my associates was having with Kelly from Beyond Indigo. I was impressed by what I was hearing. I had been thinking we needed a more interactive, dynamic site, with tools that would really help our families. It wasn’t difficult to take the first step.

Q: What tools does Beyond Indigo provide that make a difference in your business?

A: Kelly understands the customer, what they need, and what helps them in the grieving process. For example, current obituaries are listed right on the home page — that feature alone provides people with important information that is truly valuable. On some sites you find old (outdated) obituaries, or you have to hunt for the information. Additionally, the Light a Candle program provides an instant connection for families and friends wanting to memorialize or pay tribute to families that have lost someone.

Not too long ago a local music teacher died. She had been well known in the community, and when I went to the school to let the principal know about our Light a Candle program, he informed all the teachers on staff, and within a very short time I was surprised to find that there were well over 200 candles lit in her memory on the website. It’s a really powerful resource. The support is palpable and works on many levels. We are very proud to have this tool available now.

Q: Is there any other way that you feel that this tool [Light a Candle] is helping those that grieve?

A: When the Pope passed away we called Beyond Indigo and requested that a special memorial page be created so that people could pay their respects. Within hours Beyond Indigo created a page on our site and we had 87 candles lit in his memory. We expect even more as the week progresses. [ed. Note: this is changing daily as the numbers increase and time goes by.]

Q: You have only had your site live for about three weeks, what sort of traffic and flow are you seeing?

A: The statistics show that we have had well over 1,600 page views on our Obituary page, 1,100 page views on our Memorial page, 74 Candle Lightings, and 27 Guest Book entries. We couldn’t be happier.

Q: How does the cost of working with Beyond Indigo compare to other web companies?

A: The cost is no more than any other company. Here’s the real difference though, the expertise and depth of knowledge that Beyond Indigo offers is the greatest benefit. Kelly has a genuine understanding of what consumers are looking for, she will tell you what she feels will work for you, and what has real power for your families. Throughout the process of working with Beyond Indigo I was impressed with their strong customer focus, their balance between good technology, and deliberate consideration to the grieving process. Paying attention to what people need and want creates an emotional bond for healing, and makes good marketing sense.

Q: Any final comments about working with Beyond Indigo?

A: Kelly and the staff at Beyond Indigo get the job done with care and diligence; they are straightforward and fulfill their promises. There are no hidden fees; I don’t have to worry if I want to change a picture on my site, or make some other small change — it’s all included in the price. I am so looking forward to a long and continuing relationship with Beyond Indigo because I know they are insightful, and the services they offer have a lasting impact of the families that I serve.

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