Interview with Steve Turner – Owner/Funeral Director, Walker Mortuary, Freeport, Illinois

Walker MortuaryQ: Steve, you have been in the industry for a long time now. Why did you choose Beyond Indigo as your website developer?

A: It was very simple. Their honest approach sold me from the very first phone call. When Kelly called to talk with our Pre-Planning Counselor, she told me that she was a vendor right off the bat. She convinced me to see how Beyond Indigo’s grieving support tools could take us to the next level and differentiate us in the marketplace. We feel that providing people with a method of immediate communication gives them satisfaction and helps us achieve results in our business.

Q: As a business owner, you’ve used a lot of traditional methods to market your business. Why did you make the leap to build a website?

A: Traditional marketing has its place, but we needed something more. Our customers are Internet savvy, and I had to accept that. Right away I could see that the people at Beyond Indigo understand consumers. They know how to reach people and make a difference in their lives. They taught me that it’s not about what I want on our website, it’s about what our families want. Our previous site was confusing, so I wanted to make sure that people could easily navigate through the new site. Beyond Indigo helped us with that and so much more.

Q: What was the website building process like?

A: Kelly and her Beyond Indigo staff made some immediate fixes to our old site. Then they began rebuilding the site completely and made it more comprehensive, user friendly, and interactive. We received very positive feedback from our families about the Memorial and Guestbook pages. We learned that our families want to be in touch, especially if other family members are out of town or live far away. Being connected to your loved ones when someone in the family dies is especially important.

Q: You pride yourself on going above and beyond the call of duty. How has your website been able to uphold your “never stop helping” philosophy?

A: It takes me a while to accept to new ways of thinking. When our Pre-Planning Counselor showed me how this was a natural extension of our service philosophy, I listened. I had never given much thought to the Internet and how it would impact my business. It has become imperative that we embrace new ways of communicating and staying in touch with people. As a business owner, I’m constantly searching for ways to reach our families. When they’re grieving, it’s not enough to just provide a good service. There’s no place in our organization where cookie cutter is allowed. Beyond Indigo provides a way to connect with people through the “Light a Candle” program, grief support newsletters, buddy programs, and inspirational stories. These tools are a great benefit to our families.

Q: What else impressed you about Beyond Indigo?

A: The people at Beyond Indigo really understand the grieving process and what happens to people when they lose someone. They know how to address the issues of loss, anger, and desperation, and approach the whole industry with candor and forthrightness. They’re willing to talk about the somewhat taboo subjects of death and dying. Their programs, like the guestbooks and memorial pages, have made a real difference for grieving people. We as funeral directors need to face the fact that instead of just providing good services, we need to exceed our families’ expectations through new meaningful ways of support. Beyond Indigo is ahead of the game. Using the Internet and building a website is the key to our future.

Q: What word best describes your experience with Beyond Indigo?

A: Trust. I trust the experts at Beyond Indigo. They saved me from myself, because I don’t know anything about web development. It really pays to let experienced compassionate professionals do the job. They can see the big picture and are always mindful of their clients. They treat me with respect and understand our families almost better than I do.

Q: Would you recommended Beyond Indigo to other businesses that are considering creating a website?

A: Absolutely and with enthusiasm. Their energy, attention to detail, outside-of-the-box thinking, and courage to speak about our industry in a simple and truthful way have far exceeded my expectations. Their philosophy to go beyond the usual service plan just happens to mirror our own vision.

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